Benefits Of Migrating To And Applying For A Singapore PR Status – Pros

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As some of you may already have known from my previous blogs that I was originally from Italy and moved over to Singapore several years ago as a permanent resident, and since my last post on social integration in Singapore, I had been receiving more and more enquiries from my readers on immigration processes and PR application, but actually I’m not the expert on that. If you are looking for more information on PR application in Singapore, you can talk to an expert here. I get some of my knowledge from them too.

Benefits of getting a PR in Singapore

However, when it comes to general benefits of a PR in Singapore, that I do know! So I shall share more on that with you since many expatriates on PTS scheme seem to be interested in applying for a permanent residence. Assuming you have gone through the process of application with ICA, and gotten your status to become a Singapore permanent resident, here are the benefits.

Lower medical expenses for citizen and permanent resident in Singapore

While Singapore does not have universal health care unlike certain other countries, it is definitely far cheaper in Singapore to see a doctor, or specialist, yet the quality of the healthcare far exceeds that of virtually every other country. Additionally, as a PR, you get additional monetary subsidies for most public, and many private healthcare institutions in Singapore too. If you already are a permanent resident, you can even apply Singapore citizenship application for even more benefits which are only for Singaporean citizens.

Sponsoring your family to live in Singapore as well

If you truly love Singapore, and want to stay in the country for good, then having a PR is the best way to go about doing this if you also intend to stay with your family. The reason for that is because as a Singapore permanent resident, you can easily apply for Long Term Visit Pass (LTVP) for your family, including your aged parents too. This way, you need not worry about them while you are living and working in the country.

Since SG is also known for being a safe and secure country, you can rest assured that your aged parents will be protected well in the city. A low crime rate is one of the reasons why a Singapore PR application is so popular.

Alternative place of residence and a back up plan geographically

Truth be told, I am not sure if I will ever pick up a Singapore citizenship. However, a PR offers me the best of both world. In case any riots happen in my home country Italy, I can still live indefinitely in Singapore without worrying – all I need to do is to apply for re-entry permit when it is required. It is that simple!