Is Escort Service Legal In Singapore & Where Can You Find Pretty Girls?

When it comes to escort service in Singapore, there is always confusion. Some think that it is downright illegal. Others think that it is perfectly normal. Which view is then the truth?

First of all, to answer that question, we need to first define escorts. Without prior defining the meaning, people can have different impressions of what that means, and hence clouding their actual judgement and making an inaccurate call.

An escort is often a female, who will accompany her client as his temporary girlfriend. Sometimes, this could be dinner dates, sometimes, it can just be for conversation, sometimes for following him to social or business events or sometimes it can be simply a date. This is a further definition and explanation on what an escort is. In fact, here is also a deeper explanation on the legal difference between an escort and a prostitute, as many people tend to mix up both of them!

As you can tell from the definition and meaning above, it is quite generic, and that the terms and conditions of the arrangement is to be decided by the two parties in question – the client and the girl.

Therefore, with that out of the way, one can easily tell why there are such differing answers. This is because due to different private arrangement, people experience different things! And thus, some think that it is illegal, while others have no doubt that it is clearly legal in Singapore.

The answer is that escort service in itself is legal in Singapore. It has always been legal to pay a girl to pretend to be your girlfriend, and this is also sometimes known as girlfriend experience or GFE.

In fact, since many people ask at this point in time, did you know that in fact, even prostitution itself is also legal in Singapore? This will probably come as a surprise to many Singaporeans also! However, that is the truth. However, many prostitution related activities such as arrangement of it by a third party like a pimp, public or online solicitation of it, are against the law.

So, now that you know escort service is legal, where can you find these girls? They clearly do not walk around the streets of SG unlike other cities or countries. Where then can you pick up and meet these beautiful girls?

Well, the answer depends largely on the type of girl you wish to meet. If you want to meet a premium and quality Singaporean lady, then your best option will be to use a Singapore escort agency. Virtually 100% of the Singaporean girls are working under agencies only.

On the other hand, if you wish to meet a cheaper Thai or Vietnamese girl, then you may want to go to independent escort directories or classified ad sites and webpage.